iPad Books for Sale

A Couple iPadTwo of my mini-eBooks (After the Fire and A Couple) made it into the first electronic shipment of premium catalog titles from Smashwords to the Apple iPad bookstore.  It took quite a big effort on the part of the people at Smashwords, and I suspect at Apple as well, to pull it all of in time for this past weekend’s release of the new device.  I’m a sucker for new electronic toys, but I have far too many computers and electronic gadgets as it is.  I also function as the IT director and help desk for the home network I share with my wife and daughter.  I’m trying to simplify.  If an iPad could replace my smartphone, my desktop media center computer (which feeds the xbox in the den), my personal notebook, and work notebook, I could justify it.  But since it can’t, it would only be just another sexy toy.  And sexy it is.

A coworker got his iPad this weekend, so I checked out what my eBooks look like on it.  I’m very impressed and eBooks may end up being the killer app for the iPad.

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2 Responses to iPad Books for Sale

  1. tartfromhell says:

    That is so cool, Fred. I am very impressed!

  2. Fred Bubbers says:

    A third one, “Bonnifer,” just got sent from smashwords to Apple last night, so all three should be on the iPad by now. Barnes & Noble and Kobo have “After the Fire” and should be getting the others shortly. The shipment for the Sony bookstore is tomorrow. Amazon is bringing up the rear.

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