Come Together

Port Jefferson Harbor, Long IslandMy short story, “Come Together,” has been published in issue six of Cantaraville, a PDF published literary journal.  “Come Together” is the second story in a cycle of stories that I began working on several years ago follows two Long Island families from the 1960’s to the present day.  The stories are not autobiographical, but the time and place are familiar to me.  The characters are not based on any real people, but are people I might have known, as if they were older brothers and sisters of friends of mine.  I think of these stories as “false memoir.”  Professor Jeffery Berman, my first creative writing teacher, might call them “really good lying.”  The first story, “Brothers”, is online at The Square Table, the third story has been sent out into the world to find a home, and I have begun the first draft of the fourth story.

Close friends who have known me for a long time know the truth and maybe even know the things that have inspired my stories, but I’ve given up trying to convince acquaintances that my short stories are not “thinly veiled autobiography.”  They never believe me anyway.  Instead, I now just say everything’s autobiographical and let them think that I’ve lived twenty or so lives of assorted genders, proclivities, and orientations, that I’ve been married and divorced at least six times,  that I’m a drunk,  that I’m a stoner, and that I killed a man in Reno (“Yeah, that’s the ticket!”).

“Come Together” is now the third story I’ve had published in Cantaraville and a fourth has been accepted for a future issue.  I’m very grateful that publisher Cantara Christopher and editor Michael Matheny have been receptive to my work.  As any writer of fiction will tell you, it’s a cruel world out there in the slush piles, and far more often than not, you are confronted with either rejection or indifference.  I can’t decide which one of those two I prefer.  To find an editor who seems tuned in to what you are trying to accomplish is like finding a long lost friend.

The best part about being published in Cantaraville is to see my stories surrounded by the work of so many fine writers and poets from around the world.  It’s like living in a really nice neighborhood with beautiful homes, fabulous restaurants, and a sparkling nightlife.

Also in Cantaraville Six:

L. Ward Abel, Robert Louis Bartlett, Amelia Beamer, J.L. Bramble, John Bruce, Bryan Costales, Anna Devine, John Green, Yelena Dubrovin, William Falo, Timothy Gager, Erin Hopkins, Joshua Landers, Carol Mann, Benjamin Nardolilli, Ron Singer, Marilyn Urena, Christian Ward, Clive Warner, Andrew Washton, and R. Hilary Weber

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